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October 4, 2016 blog post blog posts represent the views of cfr fellows and staff and not those of cfr, which takes no. The purpose of this study is to examine the causes of indiscipline amongst secondary schools students in yenagoa local. Lack of respect for elders, cultural norms and values of the society. Time for a new war against indiscipline vanguard news. It will be recalled that as a military head of state, buhari alongside tunde idiagbon launched a nationwide campaign called war against indiscipline wai. Learner indiscipline in schools magwa simuforosa1 and ngara rosemary2 abstract discipline in schools is an essential element in the socialization of children, in the formation of their character and in the process of education. The study examined factors responsible for indiscipline among secondary school students and the need for all stakeholders in education to find solutions to the. On the basis of these explanations of what theoretical framework is all about, practitioners in education have over the years in response to discipline problems in. Causes of indiscipline and measures of improving discipline in senior secondary schools in ghana. It also identified increase in examination malpractices and dropout rate, fall in instructional quality, moral value, poor quality students for higher education leading. Nigerias war against indiscipline behave or be whipped. Nigerias leader restores war against indiscipline brigades save president muhammadu buhari is bringing back the war against indiscipline brigades he first deployed as a military dictator in.

It was released on january 27, 2014 transatlantic released a music. Lets get the discussion going in hope that one day nigeria will be corruption free. In brazil, one of the opening texts about discussions on indiscipline in schools as the object of research, silva 1998, p. The measure was programmatic in design and broader in scope than previous measures, it aimed to attack social maladjustment and widespread corruption. The indiscipline among teachers causes lack of disrespect from the. The researcher delimited the study to the analysis of causes of indiscipline amongst secondary school pupils in nyanga district of manicaland province in eastern zimbabwe. In developing nations, indiscipline has been a major and continuous administrative problem among secondary schools in developing countries. The wai campaign was aimed at tackling the most antisocial nigerian characteristics such as indiscipline, corruption, and lack of environmental sanitation. Nigerias leader restores war against indiscipline brigades. I do concur with the article managing and handling indiscipline in schools as it clearly states.

Learners are entitled to an education free from frequent disruptions in a safe and secure environment. Perceptions from other stakeholders like heads, parents, education inspectors and pupils themselves were not used for this. War against indiscipline was a nigerian military government controlled mass mobilisation corrective response to social maladjustment within the country, the measure began in march 1984 and was in effect till september 1985. Indiscipline meaning in the cambridge english dictionary. Because of the indiscipline of the teacher they do not devote time to teacher moral instructions in school. Kick against indiscipline, commonly known as kai, is an environmental law enforcement unit. Nigeria relaunches controversial war on indiscipline. It is the duty of youths to war against indiscipline and corruption because they are th. Kaleidoscope is the fourth studio album by progressive rock band transatlantic.

The long hours that i spent away from you my children are now over. The president muhammadu buhariled federal government, on monday, relaunched the war against indiscipline, wai brigade, in abuja, saying in. Varsity warns new students against misconduct, indiscipline. Buhari turns to war against indiscipline as economy slides. The management of benson idahosa university, benin city has threatened to revoke the admission of any of its students found to act contrary to his oath of admission. Therefore, it effect the moral standard of the students. Nigeria relaunches controversial war on indiscipline brigade this article is more than 3 years old first introduced in 1980s under military dictatorship, the new force may fine citizens for. In 1984 general muhammadu buharis military regime launched an unusual campaign to clean up nigeria. In 1984 general muhammadu buharis military regime launched an unusual campaign to clean up. Nigerias war against indiscipline council on foreign. Lasg warn officials against indiscipline punch newspapers. The nigerian government on monday said it was teaming up with some private individuals to bring back the dreaded war against indiscipline previously introduced by muhammadu buhari during his.

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