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Logger32 can log a qso when this qso is logged in wsjtx or jtdx. Cqx by no5w is a contest logging program developed specifically for the mobile operator in state qso parties with emphasis on fully integrating gps devices and mapping information. Dblog is a logger program for linux inspired from logger32 and n1mm logger. Depending on conditions, dx stations can work the party.

It looks like your good old paper logbook and the has benefits of a computer logger. For cw, phone and digital modes, its combination of contestoptimized features is unmatched. Although winlog32 is general purpose logging software, it has a definite slant on dxing on both hf and vhf with comprehensive tracking of various awards programs like dxcc, iota, waz etc. The cqitu zone map can be displayed with halfsize map markers. Log program for ham radio log books software category is a curation of 101 web resources on, bklog log book and contest program, wireless field day log program, qrppal for windows. Ham radio deluxe best logging software for amateur radio operators qso logging with control for ham radios, dx cluster, operating awards. Gen log is a freeware program designed to do contest logging and some general logging. Wsjtx is set to open as a utility program, when logger opens. Now you can also receive customized propagation warnings by email you can help generate this page. The team dedicate their free time to support log4om users so please ensure that you read the forums and manuals before requesting support.

L32lookups for logger32 n2amgs place posted on september 6, 2015 by n2amg august 10, 2019 l32lookups. Logger32 is currently supported to run under windows 7, 8, 8. Do you want to know if winlog32 will suit your purposes. The following contest logging software supports the new england qso party. Ham radio deluxe logging software amateur radio operators. The kansas qso party is an annual chance for people to work all 105 counties in the state of kansas. Im going to describe how i do it using the software. They are very useful to have available on your ham. If your handwriting is as bad as mine, then electronic logging is the answer. Telescopeman gives his top 5 list of the essential ham radio software. It is meant for use when operating portable from the field or mobile drive safe. Winlog 32 logging software designed solely for windows 9598ment42000. Whether you want a simple qso logger for the odd bit of hf dx or vhf squarebashing, or an everyday logger. It does a lot more than just logging, see the list below.

Logger32 is an excellent logging program with loads of useful features such as. It can be integrated with the cw terminal program cwtype, morse decoder cwget and rttypsk31 software. Our software will calculate your score, so dont worry if your logging software isnt correct. Kansas qso party list of logging software for windows. The miqp committee would like to congratulate each of these winners, along with the 2 nd and 3 rd place finishers in these categories as well as the winners at the local level. Create your free github account today to subscribe to this repository for new releases and build software alongside 40 million developers. I became an amateur radio operator in 1976, at the age of 14 and have been enjoying many. It is not a general logging program with award tracking etc. Logic is licensed for your use on any number of computers, and for use by immediate family members living with you. The qso list includes multiple details related with the. I downloaded and imported into logger32 the eqsl log but it has created thousand of dupes, with only a minute qso.

Sm3cer contest service contest software gen log by. Hamlog is an amateur radio logging and tools application. This is something i was trying to do ever since i learned about jtalertx which is one of the neatest software i ever met, when it comes to statistics and user interface. The author g0cuz provides this software free to use by all radio amateurs and swls in true ham spirit. Alerting you to rare contacts or band openings and looking up, displaying on 2d, 3d and satellite maps and logging.

In program options qso general, uncheck keep program on top while sending. Map will be saved online and the resulting url can be easily shared on social networks. He uses these several times each week when operating his radios. Thanks for visiting our amateur radio software website. It has convenient interface, a good set of tools, and is fast and very easy to use. I am not able to set the alerts of the installed log.

Iota and via are not logged if you use automatic logging from jtdxwsjtx. Create an online qso map of your contacts submitting a simple edi contest log file. We here at hrd software would like to extend a great deal of gratitude to chris fredericks, vk2byi. Wj2o logging program master qso logging program with a lot of features developped since 1985. An introduction to setting up logger32 by terry g4chd 1. Winlog32 features winlog32 logging software for all windows platforms.

In order for points to be mapped, a latitudelongitude or grid square needs to be associated with each record by the logging. The idea is to reproduce questions and answers that come up quite often on the logger32 support reflector, and to share further tips for those using logger32. I get asked a lot, both as comments on this site or via direct emails to me on how i create the maps of the contacts i make and embed within posts. Pztlog came about because i wanted an easytouse logging application with simplequick entry of various qso fields plus the ability to export the data into a mapping format. Log4om i added the ability for log4om2 users to forward their qsos directly to qsomap. The qso list includes multiple details related with the user. The markers wont totally obliterate your map if it has many markers. Trlog is an excellent example of the software design philosophy, do one thing, and do it well. N1mm logger is the worlds most popular ham radio contest logging program. Macloggerdx supports more than a hundred radios, automatically tuning to the spots you are interested in, swinging your beam around. N1mm is the preferred logging choice because it has been updated for the 2019 scoring rules. I finished setting up lotw, eqsl and clublog which i use daily.

Name, iota, grid, state, county, via and addr2qthcity check field you want to transfer automatically to logger32. Welcome to logger32, a 32 bit amateur radio logging program written by bob furzer, k4cy. This is a simple ham radio logbook, which can import and export adif files, show maps based in. I tried some different logging software and liked logger32. A pc running windows nt, 2000, xp, vista, 7, or 8 with an svga or better display is required.

Logbook also known as hrdlog is a powerful ham radio logging software. If you have previous callsigns that you will be logging, or have a spouse or children. Trlog is completely focused on contest logging, and it seems to serve this. Although it could happen some day, the n1mm logger team uses a variety of antivirus packages and has never inflicted a virus upon n1mm logger users. Lookup addon for logger32 by rick n2amg who has more logger32 addons at his website.

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