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Ai weiwei evidence, which sprawls across 18 rooms at the martingropiusbau museum, is a deeply political exhibition of the artists conceptual art. A visitor to the ai weiwei evidence exhibition at martin gropius. Brighton naked bike ride 2014 heather buckley brighton, monochroom, naakt, ai weiwei. Devastated by his time in germany, which he regards as still nazi, the artist has moved. Ai weiwei exhibition may 2014, berlin ai weiwei, berlijn, chinees, beeldhouwwerk. Ai weiweis new exhibition features a room filled with.

The crow collection of asian art dallas, tx september 14, 20 march 2, 2014. For his largest oneman exhibition ever, ai weiwei brought stacks of stools. Ai grew up in the far northwest of china, where he lived under harsh conditions due to his fathers exile. Evidence retrospective at martingropiusbau, berlin. An exhibition of new work by ai weiwei on alcatraz island exploring human rights and freedom of expression, on view september 27, 2014april 26, 2015. The island was first made popular by its abundance in the homeric epics. Ai weiwei, art without compromise the washington post. This is a work of art in itself and it reflects my human condition now. We saw ai weiwei s marvellous exhibition, evidence, at the gropiusbau, berlin in 2014. Dissident chinese artist ai weiwei in germany, says. When evidence, chinese artist ai weiweis biggest exhibition to date opened. The new yorkers china correspondent, who profiled ai online maestro how ai obsessively posts his daily life, art and political activism online join the discussion the latest.

Ai weiwei to star in kickstarterfunded sciencefiction. Ai weiwei, wadegiles romanization ai weiwei, born may 18. Major solo exhibition in berlin video 0403 2014 05. The death of chinese nobel peace laureate liu xiaobo is a very difficult moment for chinese human rights activists and a testament to chinas brutality, dissident artist.

Ai weiwei featured in german pavilion visitors look at ai weiweis installation. As an activist, he has been openly critical of the chinese governments stance on democracy and human rights. Ai weiwei has worked in everything from paint to readymades. Ai weiwei covers berlins konzerthaus in refugee life jackets.

Filmed by andreas heck, original music by tan dun, mixed and resampled by andreas heck. Even to people unfamiliar with the art world, ai is a source of. Ai weiwei is one of the worlds most famous artists, consistently topping power lists and grabbing headlines around the globe. Ai weiwei hospitalized after beating by chinese police. Ai weiwei photographing himself at a munich hospital in september 2009, with a bag containing fluid that was surgically removed from his skull. Ai weiwei for the past decade, the art world seems increasingly preoccupied with finding and coronating an heir to andy warhols legacy.

The spacious ground floor of the martingropiusbau is devoted to his powerful work. Firsttime director, alison klayman, spent three years following weiwei as he prepared for major. Berlin unveils new ai weiwei exhibition, but artist cant. Ai weiwei embraces the political the new york times. In april of that year, ai was arrested and held for 81 days during a wider crackdown on dissent. In 18 rooms and in the spectacular court lichthof the retrospective features works and installations that were either designed specifically for the building or have not yet been shown in germany. Detained chinese artist ai weiwei sparks debate in germany the arrest of ai weiwei, one of chinas most prominent artists, has triggered international.

The philosophy of ai weiwei from andy warhol and back. That this is taking place in the martingropiusbau, which is funded by the german state, is a german response to this political art and to. Influenced by the likes of jasper johns and andy warhol as well as duchamp, he also draws influence from his cultural roots. Ren zhenglai on a good day, ai qing would rouse himself and amuse his children by sketching for them. In 18 rooms and in the spectacular court lichthof the retrospective features works and installations that were either designed specifically for the building or have not yet been shown in. Appearing at berlins martingropiusbau, evidence is ai weiwei.

Ai weiwei evidence at the martin gropius museum in berlin through july 2014. It was opened with the antimodernist propaganda show entartete kunst degenerate art it is fascinating, how mr. Oftcontroversial chinese artist ai weiwei is set to make his way to germany for his latest exhibition, evidence. Berlin unveils new ai weiwei exhibition, but artist cant attend thursday, 03 apr 2014 05. Detained chinese artist ai weiwei sparks debate in germany. Blenheim palace oxfordshire, united kingdom september 28, 2014 january 15, 2015. There is also some very good reason that the german pavilion features works by ai weiwei, romuald karmakar, santu mofokeng, dayanita singh, but damn, i guess you just want to see ai weiweis stools, so here they are. Imagine france is germany, europe is asia, and she is he, and dogs are cats, and everything is everything. Never sorry is a film about ai weiwei, a renowned chinese artist and activist who continually champions the values of democracy and human rights, and thus works in opposition to chinas authoritarian government. Ai weiwei encapsulates political conviction and his personal poetry in his many sculptures, photographs and public works. An artwork showing his prison cell by chinese artist ai weiwei is displayed in the exhibition evidence at the martingropiusbau museum in berlin, wednesday, april 2, 2014. Chinese artist ai weiwei is preparing to say farewell to berlin after three years. Ai weiwei to star in kickstarterfunded sciencefiction film the sand storm. Showcasing the artists remarkable interdisciplinary career as a photographer, sculptor, architect, and.

In germany, they werent ai weiwei on his new life in britain. Ai weiwei his only exposure to art and literature until adulthood. His art has been featured in major solo exhibitions including ai weiwei at blenheim palace, woodstock, uk, 2014. As he unveils a powerful virtual reality artwork, he talks. The exhibition andy warholai weiwei is a provocative pairing of two seemingly disparate artists that reveals their underlying similarities. Ai weiweis new exhibition features a room filled with 6,000 stools by jenny zhang on april 3, 2014 renowned chinese artist and political dissident ai weiwei has just launched his largest solo exhibition to date, called evidence, in berlins martingropiusbau. Evidence is the title of the exhibition, which is taking place in the. The jackets are coming from lesbos or lesvos, a greek island that acts as a middle point for those syrian refugees fleeing from their homeland on their way to europe. In august 2014, ai weiwei was invited as one of the participating artists for the fukushima. Beijing, june 22, 20 the ai weiwei studio released ai weiweis first music album, the divine comedy, today to commemorate the second anniversary of his release from an 81day secret detention. Ai wei wei for germany, venice biennale 20 ai weiwei, landkunst.

Exhibition ai weiweis evidence article by aj kiyoizumi in berlin. He later became a member of the artist group stars, which refused to create chinese art that followed government guidelines. The exhibition evidence of ai weiwei is on until july, 2014. This time ai weiwei has collected over 14,000 life jackets and has tied them together, draping them up and down the columns of the berlin konzerthaus. I left china telling my mother that i would return only when i was more famous than picasso. Artist ai weiwei says goodbye to berlin after three years in exile dw. In the films, tinari reflects upon the current state of contemporary art in china, as highlighted through the work of four chinese artists. That distinction has, over time, gone to everyone from the reigning pop masters of the shiny and commercial, to the young, grungy downtown painters of the unshiny and commercial. Ai wei wei evidence ai weiwei, constructivisme, berlijn duitsland. It was the most amazing exhibition i had ever seen. Stuck in china, ai weiwei continues art activism exhibit of ais work opens in berlin as a kickstarter project launches for a film starring the artist. It has taken a while to make the video, but i hope.

Berlin the evidence from which the ai weiwei exhibition at the. A figure of warholian celebrity as labeled by new york times, he is renowned for his political activism and social media activity almost as much as for his social interventions, approach to the readymade, and knowledge of. It looks like we dont have any plot summaries for this title yet. After the success of his tate modern show in london, dissident chinese artist ai weiwei is coming to berlin. Ai weiwei ai weiwei is one of the most famous chinese artists working today, and is renowned for creating the birds nest olympic stadium in beijing, despite his lack of formal architectural training. After being allowed to leave china in 2015, he has lived in berlin, germany, and, since 2019. Ai weiwei is a chinese contemporary artist and activist. With his personal circumstances moving in constant flux, ai weiwei, a chinese artist, remains a cultural magnet. China at the armory show 2014, art21 produced four original films featuring philip tinari, director of the ullens center for contemporary art in beijing and curator of armory focus. Evidence, the martingropiusbau in berlin has prepared one of the biggest exhibitions of ai weiwei to date. Ai weiweis ability to strike a balance between art objects for aesthetic and intellectual contemplation on the one hand, and a sustained and forceful critique of the chinese political establishment on the other, has made him a. Ai weiwei s favourit piece in the show is, according to an interview before the opening, the fact that he is not allowed to travel to berlin and to attend the opening. As our landmark exhibition examines work from 1993 up to the present day, we take a look at some of the key works to know from across ais career. From 20 may 2014 when the david bowie exhibition starts open daily from 10am 8pm.

Ai weiwei evidence berlin, germany april 3 july 7, 2014. Its impossible to consider ai weiweis work without also considering the underlying themes. Solo exhibitions include the brooklyn museum of art 2014. After being allowed to leave china in 2015, he has lived in berlin, germany, and, since 2019, in cambridge, uk, with his.

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